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Please contribute to the growing experience-based development community of practice!  Send potential material to info@experiencedrivendevelopment.com.

Guidelines for Contributing

Articles and Reports: Provide a 2-3 sentence summary that clearly communicates how the article or report is related to experience-driven leader development. If the article or report is accessible via a website, please include a link. If the article or report is not accessible via a website, please send as a pdf file. To post the pdf, we will need documentation that you are either the copyright holder of the publication or that the copyright holder is giving permission for posting.

Tools: Provide the tool and a 2-3 sentence description of what it is designed to do. These should be tools that you’ve created that others are free to use.  Be sure to include your name and any additional information you would like to share (e.g., organizational affiliation, email address) in the footer.

Best Practice Cases: Include in your description of the practice it’s purpose, how it came about, what it looks like, any indicators of effectiveness, and tips or lessons learned.  If you would like some help writing the case, let us know.

Blog: Although we have some regular blog contributors, we welcome guest bloggers. A blog should share a perspective or observation, raise issues, offer solutions to common dilemmas, or point out an exciting new idea or trend (in 500 words).

Publications: Send information about the publication and any reviews available. We will read the publication itself and see if it is a good fit for the site.

Events:  If you are hosting or presenting at an event that this community would be interested in, send the name of the event (and the relevant presentation or session), dates, locations, and a link where people can get more information.