Harness the Power of on-the-job learning.

The Books

Experience-Driven Leader Development: Models, Tools, Best Practices, and Advice for On-the-Job Development

Cynthia D. McCauley, D. Scott DeRue, Paul R. Yost, and Sylvester Taylor (Editors)

Experience-Driven Leader Development offers a wealth of best practices that demonstrate how organizations can use on-the-job experiences to enhance their leadership talent. The book includes the tools, techniques, processes, and other practical resources that can help professionals tap into the developmental power of work experiences.

Written by practitioners for practitioners, the book contains a wide range of strategies that enable individuals and organizations to make better use of experience for leader development including:

  • Create Developmental Experiences: Shows how targeted developmental opportunities can be crafted through cross-functional experiences, special assignments, strategic projects, and corporate volunteerism.
  • Empower Self-Directed Learning: Explains what organizations can do to motivate and support learning as leaders engage in challenging experiences.
  • Shape HR Practices: Reveals how typical human resource practices (e.g., succession management, development planning, and performance management) can encourage and support experience-driven learning.
  • Embed Experience-Driven Development in the Organization: Offers strategies and advice for gaining traction in organizations for on-the-job development and encouraging widespread recognition of its value.

Table of Contents
Introductory Chapter: The editors explain the impetus for the book and its organizing structure.
Sample Contribution: Jeffrey McHenry shares a step-by-step process for matching job assignments to employees’ development needs.
Sample Contribution: Tanya Boyd describes efforts at Payless Holdings to provide micro-feedback to enhance real-time learning.

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Using Experience to Develop Leadership Talent: How Organizations Leverage On-the-Job Development

Cynthia D. McCauley and Morgan W. McCall, Jr. (Editors)

Using Experience to Develop Leadership Talent provides an in-depth look at a variety of experience-driven leader development initiatives. Written by senior practitioners who have implemented the initiatives they write about, chapters illuminate how organizations have put experience at the center of talent development systems, have designed job experiences for leader development, and have worked to maximize the learning that managers gain from their experiences.

The authors share strategies, practices, challenges, and lessons learned. As a set, the chapters provide a global perspective, describing challenges and practices in multi-national companies, such as 3M and Microsoft, and including organizations headquartered in Europe (HEINEKEN, GlaxoSmithKline) and Asia (Tata, JK Organisation).

The book is a volume in the Society for Industrial and Organization Psychology’s Professional Practice Series.

Table of Contents