Harness the Power of on-the-job learning.

Articles & Reports

These articles, reports, and blogs document research, describe practices, and examine the wide range of issues encountered in efforts to be more intentional about on-the-job development.

  • Demystifying 70:20:10Demystifying 70-20-10
    Kelly Kajewski and Valerie Madsen
    This white paper from DeakinPrime addresses the origins, challenges, and benefits of the 70-20-10 model. Included are practical examples of how the model is being used in a range of organizations.
  • Good IntentionsGood Intentions, Imperfect Execution
    Christine Silva, Nancy M. Carter, and Anna Beninger
    Catalyst’s longitudinal project The Promise of Future Leadership: Highly Talented Employees in the Pipeline develops timely reports on the retention and advancement of high-potential women and men. The sixth report in the series, Good Intentions, Imperfect Execution? Women Get Fewer of the “Hot Jobs” Needed to Advance, examines the impact of leadership development—both formal programs and on-the-job experiences—on high potentials’ career advancement.
  • Grooming Top LeadersGrooming Top Leaders
    Meena Surie Wilson, Ellen Van Velsor, Anand Chandrasekar, and Corey Criswell
    This white paper shares insights about leader development derived from the Center for Creative Leadership’s most recent Lessons of Experience research. The researchers identified five basic experiences that deliver valuable leadership learning. But the research from China, India, Singapore and the U.S. shows that some developmental experiences are more country-specific.
  • Recasting Leadership DevelRecasting Leadership Development
    Morgan W. McCall, Jr.
    Published in Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspective on Science and Practice, this article ponders the reasons that what is known about on-the-job leadership development is so rarely applied, suggests ways to put experience at the center of leadership development efforts, and concludes with a series of recommendations for practice and for future research.
  • 70 20 10 Forum Blog70-20-10 Forum Blog
    Charles Jennings
    The director of the 70-20-10 Forum offers frameworks and advice for enabling a 70-20-10 learning strategy within organizations.