Harness the Power of on-the-job learning.

Best Practice Cases


Leadership development practitioners share their efforts to create developmental experiences, empower self-direct learning, shape HR practices, and embed experience-driven development in the organization.

newtagPaul Bly and Mark Kizilos share how they built organization-specific knowledge about key developmental assignments at Thomson Reuters.

Nate Allen describes CompanyCommand, an online peer learning community for Army company commanders.

Anita Bhasin, Lori Homer, and Eric Rait describe the use of strategic corporate assignments to develop emerging market leaders at Microsoft.

Bela Tisoczki and Laura Bevier share how GE uses a personalized rotation program to develop future leaders.

Mathian Osicki and Caroline Smee describe how IBM develops social responsible global leaders through service projects.

Paul Orleman describes how SAP’s High Potential Fellowship Program provides high potential managers the opportunity to step out of their roles for six months and take on a developmental assignment in another function or country.

Kim Lafferty and Steve Chapman share insights about The CEO’s Future Strategy Group at GlaxoSmithKline–an initiative that blends organizational problem solving and leader development within the business context into one integrated, intense experience.

James Cameron describes how Walmart’s Leadership Academy is designed to be as challenging as on-the-job experiences. The goal is to get more than the “10%” from formal leader development programs. 

Accenture’s 30 Day Challenge is an activity for engaging employees in “micro-actions” each day for thirty days. The process encourages a continuous learning mindset and demonstrates how to integrate work and learning.

SIOP Conference Panelists share examples of integrating challenging work experiences, developmental relationships, and coursework in formal leadership programs to accelerate leader development for targeted outcomes.