Harness the Power of on-the-job learning.


Here you will find quick tools (for example, checklists, templates, diagrams, and videos) to borrow from for use in your own work.

Individual Development Plan Checklist  

Paul Yost and Mary Plunkett argue that the single best strategy you have at your disposal to drive on-the-job development into the DNA of your organization is to encourage all employees to create an individual development plan.  Yet the development planning process needs to be one that employees want to do.  They created this Individual Development Plan Checklist for individuals to evaluate the elements of their plan that make it compelling.  Use of this checklist spread throughout their organization and beyond.

Feedback Seeking Checklist   

Learning from experience is enhanced when people seek feedback on the impact of their actions, the effectiveness of their behaviors, and how they might improve.  According to research from Sue Ashford, the manner in which and the frequency with which leaders ask for feedback can be one of the most effective ways to improve job performance, employee morale, and overall job satisfaction among staff.  Her Feedback Seeking Checklist prompts individuals to use proven tactics for seeking feedback effectively.  See Sue’s short video on seeking feedback to improve as a leader.