Looking Back and Forward

C17 DSC_1185We launched the Experience-Driven Leader Development website a little over a year ago as part of our excitement about the two new books coming out. A large part of that excitement stemmed from connecting with colleagues—old and new—who were working to make experience-driven development more intentional and fruitful in organizations, and bringing their work to a broader audience. The idea was that we could continue to document and share practices and advice through a website.  We’ve had some success in doing just that—particularly through the blog posts. Thousands of folks have visited the site, and we have a good share of repeat visits.

Meanwhile, experience-driven leader development as a concept has had a big year. The topic has been on conference programs. It has been highlighted in numerous leadership development state-of-the-field reports (for example, see DDI’s Global Leadership Forecast 2014-2015). I hear HR and leader development practitioners more regularly reflect on how to make on-the-job development a central part of their development strategy.  Chief Learning Officer continues to feature columns related to the topic (including Make Experience Count, Use Experience to Build Competence, Harness Pro-Bono Experience ). New research has been published in top-tier journals like Academy of Management Journal and Journal of Applied Psychology.

In the coming year, we plan to continue to experiment with ways to make the website a useful resource to those engaged in this growing practice of experience-driven development, including links to related online material, a Linked-In group for easier quick exchanges of ideas, and advice on some of the more vexing problems with making experience-driven development work.

I invite you to participate.  Proud of something that you’ve created?  Learned some lessons that others could benefit from?  Want to raise a concern?   Posting on a website is an easy way to contribute to a community, and writing is itself an experience that prompts further reflection and insights for yourself.  And I am glad to help with framing, writing, editing, etc.  Or perhaps you’ve read something online or heard a presentation that you know others would find useful.  Let me know, and we can see how to get it linked to the site. If you want to contribute in any of these ways, or if you have an idea about how to make the site more useful, contact me at info@experiencedrivendevelopment.com .

Getting this website started has been one of the highlights of my year, and certainly a learning experience. I thank all who have contributed and look forward to the new year.


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