Harness the Power of on-the-job learning.


The idea for this site was born as a group of colleagues shaped and edited two unique but related books—books that capture what individuals and organizations are doing to make better use of experience to develop leadership talent.

The concept of on-the-job leader development—and the research that supports its importance—has been around for over 25 years. However, in recent years we have witnessed a real explosion in efforts to harness the power of on-the-job development in more intentional and strategic ways. That’s exciting news!  Yet what’s missing is systematic and widespread sharing of the tools, processes, and practices being invented, implemented, and tested.

Filling that gap—so that experience-driven development thrives and grows—was the motivation for creating the books. But why stop there?  Why not continue sharing knowledge, ideas, practices, challenges, and advice for putting experience at the center of leader development?

That’s the vision for this space. To realize that vision, we need your participation—your willingness to share your research and practices, to raise questions and participate in the dialogue, to point out upcoming events or existing resources that would be of interest to this growing community.

A special thanks to Karen Paul at 3M and to the Center for Creative Leadership for providing the resources to get this website started.

Cindy McCauley, Center for Creative Leadership
Scott DeRue, University of Michigan
Morgan McCall, University of Southern California
Sylvester Taylor, Center for Creative Leadership
Paul Yost, Seattle Pacific University